I am a graphic designer specialized in the direction of Art and Web creation.

I have worked for several clients ranging from universities, language schools, cosmetic companies, online commercial start-ups, and a variety of working professionals.

I am currently residing in Munich, Germany where have had the pleasure of engaging in a diverse range of design, from product design for the cosmetic industry with Biomed GmbH, the design of print materials for academic conferences, such as this one held by the LMU TEFL department, and web design for small businesses (e.g. Gaby-Holz) and non-profits (e.g. Weitblick-Aktion).

I have volunteered as a designer for solidarity projects, such as AROUND the WORLD in 30 Recipes, an LMU Intercultural Service Learning Project, in which students and refugees worked together to develop a cookbook with proceeds going towards non-profit organizations who aid refugees in and around Munich. Additionally, I am an avid technophile and actively pursue opportunities to lend my design skills to digital projects. I have pursued personal projects in game design, having most recently participated in the Global Game Jam 2018.

I have a Masters in graphic and web design with a specialization in Art direction from the academy of new technologies in Madrid (CICE), as well as a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca.